Expert for sanitary technology

Sink basin 

As expert for sink basins, we offer you a range of different materials.  Steel-enameled-, stainless steel-, and plastic sink basins- everything of one source! 

Wahlbach electrical hot water boilers 

Our range includes electronical warm water boilers for the decentralized hot water supply, particularly in multi-family houses. We distinguish ourselves with special product features from established brand manufacturers. Those products we distribute under the brand name Wahlbach. 

Toilet seats & toilet tanks

You want to replace your toilet seat or your surface mounted toilet tank?  You are looking for the appropriate toilet seat for your existing bath ceramic or for a new  toilet tank? 

We have the solution: S.I.T. sanitary technology, your expert for toilet seats made of long living Duroplast and Thermoplast as well as surface mounted toilet tanks in a modern design.  

 Our claim

S.I.T. toilet seats are developed according to our product specifications and are produced in Europe. Our toilet seats correspond the to the latest European standards. The tests are made according to DIN 19516, the factory is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.