Deutsche Vortex GmbH

The Deutsche Vortex GmbH, situated in Baden-Wurttemberg, is a specialist for the production of potable water circulation pumps and stands for maximum comfort and energy saving .The special thing about the circulation pumps is that they dispose a spherical motor as well as additional further innovations. Beginning of the 80’s the manufacturer put the first pump of the world with integrated timer on the market. This was followed by numerous other innovations, such as the self- learning industrial water pump BWO 155. We from Hermann Schmidt represent the Deutsche Vortex GmbH in Essen and see ourselves as partner. The circulation pumps are produced at Vortex and we distribute the products to the specialized trade.

The Autolearn-technology

The pumps with Autolearn-technology learn the habits of the user regarding the time of water withdrawal. Here the pump recognizes via a temperature sensor at the flow at what time of the day hot water is used and stores this after two-week learning phase. Then the pump provides the hot water at the learned times, so that a high level of comfort is combined with a low energy consumption. At times when no hot water is needed, the pump remains inactive.

The OnDemand-technology

This technology is a radio technology. When the associated wireless switch is operated, the signal is forwarded to the pump, so a reliable circulation is triggered.

These circulation pumps are particularly suitable for use in bathrooms and sanitary facilities, providing hot water at the “click of a mouse”. This module provides high energy savings and can be plugged into any power outlet. The pump runtime can be selected between 2 and 10 minutes.

The BlueOne-technology

The high-efficiency circulation pumps Blue one are currently produced by Deutsche Vortex. They are characterized by low power consumption in combination with a large number of control modules. This enables high cost savings with the greatest possible comfort. The electronic control thermostat built into the engine switches off automatically when the desired temperature is reached. The pump is automatically switched on again when the temperature has fallen by 7 degrees. For this reason, the Blueone category is suitable for use in detached or semi-detached houses. Hot water is available around the clock without the pump running continuously. It is also compatible with the digital timer to further save electricity and water costs. 

Technical details

The universal motor is based on the company’s original spherical motor principle and fits into every pump housing on the market, regardless of year of manufacture and make. The motors are also easy to clean and replace and have a dry-running protection that automatically interrupts the rotor run. Vortex stands for numerous innovations that ensure high performance at low power consumption. For further information about the drinking water circulation pumps of the Deutsche Vortex GmbH please contact us!