Wahlbach instantaneous water heater

Wahlbach electric hot water boilers

Hot water from the tap is a matter of course. Of course the appropriate technology is necessary for this, so that the hot water supply is guaranteed. With the help of an electric instantaneous water heater the hot water supply is guaranteed. The appliances are an inexpensive and simple solution to obtain hot water quickly. Compared to the boiler, the instantaneous water heater provides hot water when it is really needed. In this way, electricity and energy are saved. The Wahlbach brand instantaneous water heaters are characterized by their high performance and quality. The appliances are particularly suitable for bathtubs, showers or wash basins.

The advantages of Wahlbach instantaneous water heaters

The instantaneous water heater and the other Wahlbach products are characterized by various advantages. The capacity of the instantaneous water heaters is selectable between 18 kW, 21 kw and 24 kW. In addition, Wahlbach brand instantaneous water heaters have a backlit LC display with digital display for adjustable temperature selection accurate to the degree.

The high-quality heating block ensures a long service life. The installation of the device is also very easy with the supplied mounting plate. The electrical connection is optionally located at the bottom or top in order to adapt the device to the conditions on site as best as possible. The energy consumption is low, as the instantaneous water heaters belong to energy efficiency class A and the water is only heated when it is really needed. 

How an electronic instantaneous water heater works

We are familiar with the technical features and requirements of Wahlbach instantaneous water heaters. To heat the water, it first flows through the water strainer to the water volume regulator, where pressure fluctuations are balanced. A differential pressure is then generated in the water switch, which determines the amount of water passing through. The water flowing through is finally heated in the heating block and passed on to the valve, so that a largely constant outlet temperature is created. With the LC display the temperature can be determined. Electronic instantaneous water heaters have the advantage that energy is only consumed when a certain temperature is desired. For this reason electronic instantaneous water heaters are comfortable and energy-efficient. 

We distribute the Wahlbach appliances to specialized trade. Please contact us for further information about the instantaneous water heaters and hot water storage tanks.