Copa Panelradiators

There have been major changes in the field of heating systems in recent years because design plays an essential role. As a distribution partner of Copa we have numerous panel radiators on site. Copa Heizung GmbH is a subsidiary of the Turkish manufacturer Coskunöz Radyater A.S. and was founded in 2005. Today, it is one of the largest holding companies in Turkey as its products are exported to over 30 countries. Copa is specialized in the production of panel radiators, bathroom radiators and decorative panel radiators. They attach great importance to environmentally friendly and innovative products in order to always create added value. 

The standard radiators

This radiator is offered with compact connection, which has 4 inputs and outputs, and with universal connection, which has 6 inputs and outputs. 

The radiators are available in different heights, widths and types, so we can find the right model for your house. The heat is controlled by a thermostatic valve that keeps the temperature constant. The standard color for the radiators is RAL 9016, which is an environmentally friendly water-based radiator paint. 

The decorative radiators

The plan radiators with their elegant and stylish design provide more aesthetics in the room and comfortable heating. They possess a strong heat output, so that the room is heated up fast and heating costs are saved. In addition, these radiators emit the heat upwards, making them suitable for use in kindergartens, schools or hospitals and eliminating the risk of burns. The panel radiators are available in vertical and horizontal versions to create an individual look. They are available in different sizes to heat even high rooms efficiently and energy-saving. 

Heaters in the bathroom

There are numerous types of radiators that are suitable for use in the bathroom. Especially radiators with round pipes are often found in the bathroom, as they also function as towel dryers. They are also characterized by numerous properties, such as energy efficiency. Depending on your needs there are different options in type, height, width, vertical and horizontal. We also offer suitable accessories, such as a valve for your heating system. For further information please contact us.